My Professional career has taken me into the Disaster Restoration Industry which, unexpectedly turned into a passion that I had no Idea I would dive into so deep.

I quickly understood early in my Project Management career that this was a very complicated role to understand. There were multiple people within the claims process that were requiring completely different communication styles.

The information and way that I spoke to the Homeowner were completely different than the way I spoke to the Adjuster, sub-trades and interoffice personnel. 

I was needing to acquire brand new skillsets, mindset and knowledge base.

Out of Frustration in my lack of new skills, I took to the internet to research how to be a Project Manager in Disaster Restoration.

I was surprised how little information there was out there to teach Project Managers the skills in this complicated industry.

Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of sites, schools, and forums for the technical aspect of drying out water-damaged structures, assessing total fire losses and permit processing. Generic Project Management courses and agile methodology were everywhere and easily accessible. 

These are amazing courses and certification programs that are also required to learn industry standards.

But I was still not finding the information, skills and growth strategies that I was really struggling with.

So I fired up my own Youtube Channel and started posting videos about my journey as a Project Manager in the Disaster Restoration industry.

Darren Miller

​​​​​​​Darren Miller​​​​​​​

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